A new biomedical cluster will be created in the Russian Far East


Russky Innovation Science and Technology Center (ISTC) will sign agreements with pharmaceutical companies at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), which will form the biomedical cluster, the first of the four clusters of the center, TASS reports with reference to Elena Kharisova, Director General of the Development Fund of Russky ISTC. It is noted that the center’s partner will be Russia’s largest data center operator.

“Cooperation agreements are being negotiated with Himrar and R-Pharm, the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry, and with Bitriver, Russia’s largest data center operator, for the placement of equipment for energy-intensive and blockchain computing. We also plan to conclude an agreement with the Voskhod venture fund, established in December last year, in order to finance our high-tech projects that will be implemented at the ISTC,” Elena Kharisova said.

She said that a total of four clusters are planned to be created within the ISTC: Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Marine Engineering, and IT Park. Research and education clusters are the result of cooperation between business, science, and higher education. The developments produced by their employees will be subsequently transformed into new technologies.

“The first cluster to be launched is Biomedicine. It will have equipment for the manufacture of cellular products, a unique system of combined laser microscopy, as well as a vivarium that meets all international requirements. The reason why the agreements we are preparing for the upcoming WEF are mainly with pharmaceutical companies is the priority launch of this cluster,” Kharisova explained.

In addition, Russky ISTC, together with its partners, is going to present at the EEF the concept of the territorial development of the Center and the projects  that will be implemented in research and education clusters. At the forum sessions, the ISTC is presenting administrative benefits and the content of the pilot site. The purpose of participation in the Eastern Economic Forum is to attract residents to every scientific and educational cluster.


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