Russia has started to produce medical probes for EBV detection


Pharmedopolis RT has launched the production of medical probes for EBV detection in Tatarstan. The 75 million rubles for the creation of the new production facilities was provided by the Industrial Development Fund (IDF). This was reported in the press service of the IDF.

“The EBV is the most widespread virus on the planet. 95% of the Earth’s population are its carriers. The virus is seen as the main cause of infectious mononucleosis and tumors,” Albert Gayfullin, CEO of Pharmmedopolis RT, explained.

The company intends to produce 600,000 oropharyngeal probes per year, including for the detection of EBV DNA. Public and private clinics use them to collect samples for testing.

“The new product has patented innovative characteristics that allow for high-precision test results. The design takes into account the peculiarities of virus localization and the physiological structure of the biomaterial sampling area. The probe is easy to inserted into the oral cavity. It reaches the back wall of the pharynx and quickly picks up the biomaterial, and then easily releases it to the environment for further research,” the press service said.

Now, according to the company, foreign products, mainly from the USA and Italy, account for about 50% of the Russian market of herpes virus detection probes. The new production in Tatarstan will significantly reduce the share of imports.


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