Investments in the production of Russian substances for medicines may amount to 50 billion rubles


Investments in the production of Russian substances for medicines for 10 plants (to be launched starting from 2023) may amount to 50 billion rubles, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Vasily Osmakov told the media. The statement was made at the interregional economics and energy industry forum in Volgograd.

“We receive the main volume of supplies (pharmaceutical substances) from India and China, which are friendly countries. These deliveries have not stopped. Meanwhile, in parallel, we are launching a project on import substitution of substances. It is called “Russia’s Substances”. This involves about 50 billion investments, starting next year, for 10 plants that will produce substances,” TASS quotes Osmakov.

According to him, the production and development of vaccines against coronavirus and influenza continue all the time.

“This is because strains change all the time, and we have always wanted to make a polyvalent vaccine from everything that we deal with, so that one injection protects from several strains of influenza, and even COVID, for good measure,” said the deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


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