The Ministry of Health canceled state registration of four Sanofi insulins


The Ministry of Health has excluded 11 drug registration certificates from the State Register of Medicines. The report on the decision was published on the website of the Ministry of Health on November 21.

The list of the recalled drugs includes four Sanofi’s insulins: Insuman Rapid GT, Insuman Basal GT, Insulin glargine, and Apidra.

The drugs excluded from the register are the following:

– Sagenite (Mesodiethylethylendibenzosulfonate), reg. cert. Р N002222/01 dated November 18, 2008;

– Lymipranil (amisulpride), reg. cert. ЛСР-010254/08 dated December 19, 2008;

– Lymipranil (amisulpride), reg. cert. ЛСР-009316/08 dated November 25, 2008;

– Insuman Rapid GT (soluble human insulin [genetically engineered]), reg. cert. P N011995/01 of March 3, 2011;

– Insuman Basal GT (human isophane insulin [genetically engineered]), reg. cert. P N011994/01 dated February 15, 2011;

– Insulin glargine (insulin glargine), reg. cert. P N014855/01 dated January 15, 2009;

– Hyoxyzone (hydrocortisone + oxytetracycline), reg. cert. Р N002221/01 of April 9, 2008;

– Apidra (insulin glulisin), reg. cert. ЛС-002064 dated October 3, 2011;

– Amlotop Plus (amlodipine + losartan), reg. cert. ЛП-005148 dated October 29, 2018;

– Adrianol (lerimazoline + phenylephrine), reg. cert. П N013655/01 dated March 14, 2008;

– Adrianol (lerimazoline + phenylephrine), reg. cert. П N013655/02 dated March 14, 2008.

Decisions regarding these medicines are based on applications from the holders of registration certificates or their authorized representatives.


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