Eklif, a medical devices supplier, intends to file a claim to have the main section of ProfitMed pharmaceutical distributor bankrupt


Eklif, St. Petersburg-based supplier of medical devices, announced its intention to file a claim to have the main section of Moscow’s ProfitMed pharmaceutical distributor bankrupt; the company owes Eklif a little over 1 million rubles, Vademecum reports.

According to the publication, 32 creditor claims from the top 10 were filed against the distributor in November–December. In total, they are trying to recover over 390 million rubles.

“The statement about Eklif’s intention to apply to court for bankruptcy of ZAO ProfitMed was published on December 26, 2022. The creditor is obliged to publish such a notice at least 15 days before the actual filing of the claim in court. It may eventually decide not to file the claim, in which case the notification becomes invalid after a month. This is the first such notification regarding ProfitMed,” Vademecum writes.

Eklif has grounds to demand Promomed’s bankruptcy. In December last year, the company recovered more than 1 million rubles of debt from the distributor in three lawsuits.

According to the files of the arbitration courts, 38 claims were filed against ProfitMed for a total amount of more than 520 million rubles, of which 32 claims for 390 million rubles were filed in November-December. ProfitMed, in particular, owes 69.7 million rubles to OOO “Novartis Pharma”, 26 million rubles to AO Avva Rus pharmaceutical company, 25 million rubles to distributor OOO “Solgar Vitamin”, and 8.1 million rubles to drug manufacturer OOO “Ozon Pharm”.


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