Sotex has opened its first representative office abroad


Sotex has opened its representative office in Kazakhstan.  At the moment, Sotex exports its products to more than 20 CIS and non-CIS countries, which provides evidence of the high quality of products, which has earned the trust of the international community.

Work on the promotion of the company’s drugs in Kazakhstan has been underway for a long time. The Kazakhstan market is important for Sotex. The most popular drugs of the company have already been registered in the country, and documents are currently being prepared for the introduction of new medicines to the market.

Export expansion is one of the most important directions in Sotex’s work. The company not only exports drugs, but also participates in foreign industry conferences and exhibitions aimed at improving medical care for the population and increasing the availability of drug therapy.

The opening of a representative office in Kazakhstan is an important step in Sotex’s strategy aimed at the ongoing expansion of its export supplies geography,  as well as at reinforcing its leadership in the global drug market. Expanding trade relations with foreign countries is a strategically important area of development that is in line with the company’s long-term goals.


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