Pharmasyntez-Nord started production of insulins in the St. Petersburg SEZ


Pharmasyntez-Nord has recently begun producing three variations of recombinant human insulin: Gensulin M30, Gensulin H, and Gensulin P. With an annual production capacity of 5 million units, the launch required a substantial investment of 1.7 billion rubles.

“The company’s portfolio now goes beyond just genetically engineered human insulin preparations. It also consists of analogues such as insulin glargine and insulin lispro,” stated Mikhail Kvasnikov, the enterprise’s General Director. According to him, it is also planned to send products for export.

Available forms of release – vials, disposable syringe pens, as well as cartridges for reusable syringe pens. Analysts believe that the company will be able to take from 5 to 10% of the Russian insulin market.


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