Microgen introduced an intravenous anti-hepatitis B drug


The Microgen company, part of the Nacimbio holding of the Rostec state corporation, received a registration certificate from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for the drug Antihep-Neo against hepatitis B. The drug became the first domestic intravenous specific immunoglobulin for the prevention of hepatitis B in both children and adults, reported the press service of Rostec.

“Antihep-Neo” is approved for the prevention of hepatitis B, including in children if their mothers are carriers of the surface antigen of the hepatitis B virus. The drug is also indicated for patients with an increased risk of contracting hepatitis B before surgery, repeated blood transfusion and hemodialysis, organ and cellular transplantation.

Rostec claims that Antihep-Neo provides high viral safety and minimal risk of adverse reactions, since the drug goes through several additional purification stages during the production process. “The drug was created on the basis of NPO Microgen’s own patented technology for producing highly purified and virus-safe immunoglobulins of class G. Our know-how allows us to create drugs based on blood plasma with the qualitative characteristics of the latest generation,” the statement quotes the words of the deputy general director of the state corporation Alexandra Nazarova.


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