The first production of the drug Myelodest has been just released by Pharmasyntez-Nord


In September 2023, Pharmasyntez-Nord, part of the Pharmasyntez Group of Companies, released the first batch of the drug Myelodest (pomalidomide). The drug was registered in June 2023 and is available in three dosages: 1, 2 and 4 mg.

“Myelodest” belongs to the group of cytostatics and is used to treat patients over the age of 18 with multiple myeloma. This is a malignant plasma cell tumor that produces monoclonal immunoglobulins, which invade and destroy adjacent bone tissue. Characteristic manifestations of the disease include lytic bone lesions, fractures, renal failure, hypercalcemia, anemia, and recurrent infections. The drug “Myelodest” is used in combination with other drugs used in the complex therapy of oncological diseases.

According to Mikhail Kvasnikov, the General Director of Pharmasyntez-Nord JSC, the current production volume of antitumor drugs at the company stands at 5.6 million packages per year.


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