Rostec is testing the first Russian complex for removing tumors with ultrasound


Shvabe holding, Rostec State Corporation, is conducting clinical testing of the DIATER-M HIFU system for tumor diagnostics and treatment. This is the first Russian medical solution for tumor resection by a safer method – using ultrasound. Commercial production of the equipment is to be started in 2024.

HIFU therapy is non-invasive treatment using high intensity focused ultrasonic waves. This method is globally recognized as one of the most safe and effective methods of fight against cancer.

HIFU is used for treatment of benign and small malignant tumors and reduces patient rehabilitation period significantly. Ultrasound-guided HIFU therapy can be carried out, even when a patient has metal clips, various implants and surgical hardware. Taking into account medical indications, the method can be also combined with radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

The device was developed by the Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant (Refinery) of the Shvabe holding in collaboration with Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. During clinical trials, doctors provide HIFU therapy to patients with breast tumors.

“Clinical testing will take place in two stages and will last about six months. We plan to receive the first test results in the summer of 2024. After this, we will launch the medical complex into mass production,” the statement quotes the words of Anton Klokov, general director of the refinery.


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