The State Duma OK’d the law on the 2024-2026 federal budget


At a plenary meeting, deputies of the State Duma adopted in the third and final reading the draft federal budget for 2024 and for the planning period 2025-2026.

According to the document, federal budget revenues are projected at 35.065 trillion rubles in 2024, 33.552 trillion rubles in 2025 and 34.051 trillion rubles in 2026. Expenses are expected to be 36.66 trillion rubles, 34.382 trillion rubles and 35.587 trillion rubles, respectively. The federal budget deficit will be 1.595 trillion rubles in 2024, 0.83 trillion rubles in 2025 and 1.536 trillion rubles in 2026.

The volume of GDP in 2024 is projected to be 179.956 trillion rubles (an increase of 2.3%), in 2025 – 190.637 trillion rubles (an increase of 2.3%), in 2026 – 202.304 trillion rubles (an increase of 2.2% ).

“Additional funds have been allocated for the development of the healthcare sector. In total, over three years, expenses for this purpose will amount to 7.23 trillion rubles. 6 billion rubles will be spent on the purchase of medicines for patients with cardiovascular diseases. Funding for the treatment of children with severe chronic (orphan) diseases will increase to 200 billion rubles,” the statement says.


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