Circle of Kindness will be allocated 33 billion rubles to expand the list of diseases.


Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin announced the decision to allocate an additional 33 billion rubles to the state charitable foundation “Circle of Kindness” . These funds will be used to expand the list of orphan diseases, the treatment of which is sponsored by the budget. The official announced this during a meeting with his deputies.

“Today we will allocate over 33 billion rubles to expand the list of severe pathologies in a variety of profiles and to purchase the necessary medicines. New unique methods of therapy will also be added,” he clarified and added that “the government is carrying out systematic work to help children with chronic and rare illnesses.”

Among the tasks of the “Circle of Kindness” is the organization of treatment and rehabilitation of people under 19 years of age with orphan diseases, supplying them with expensive medicines and medical products, including those not registered in the Russian Federation. As previously reported, since the founding of the fund in 2021, more than 23 thousand patients have received support. This required 205 billion rubles.


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