Serbia may amend legislation to facilitate the importation of Russian pharmaceuticals

The Serbian government intends to enact legislation that will enable the registration of Russian pharmaceuticals by 2024. The country’s Minister of Health, Danica Grujičić, addressed this matter, explaining that without legislative changes, the country is unable to import medicines from the Russian Federation. Meanwhile, this measure is pertinent amid attempts by some European states to exert pressure on Serbia due to its friendly relations with Moscow, she added.
“We want to pass a law that allows us to register medicines not only from the European Union, but also from Russia, India, China and other countries. And I hope that it will be adopted this year,” the official said during a conversation with Izvestia. When asked what kind of Russian medicines Serbia would like to see on its pharmaceutical market, she replied that there is a need for antibiotics, antiplatelet therapy, and oncology drugs.
Previously, Hungary, Serbia and Russia agreed to implement joint projects in the field of nuclear technologies in medicine. It is expected that cooperation in this area will significantly increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment. Joint steps in this direction have already been planned – for example, in 2025 in Serbia, with the assistance of the Russian state corporation Rosatom, the construction of a center for peaceful atom research should begin.


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