The Ministry of Industry and Trade ensures the consistent availability of the medication “Fiasp” in Russia


According to the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the drug Fiasp® (insulin aspart) produced by the Danish company Novo Nordisk is regularly supplied to the Russian market. Thus, the last large delivery (more than 90 thousand packages) was in January of this year.

The Ministry also reports that the drug has several biosimilars, including domestic ones: these are RinFast and RinFast Nick produced by the Russian company Geropharm, the supplies of which amounted to more than 37 thousand packages in January and 38 thousand packages in March, respectively. And also “Rosinsulin aspart R” produced by the Medsintez plant, the supply of which amounted to more than 86 thousand packages in March. All three drugs are produced in Russia in a full cycle, the agency reported to GxP News.

Earlier, the Kommersant newspaper reported that in the first quarter of 2024, government purchases of the drug decreased by 95%, and it is no longer possible to find it in pharmacies. But Roszdravnadzor assured that the reserves of insulin aspart in the Russian Federation will last for 8.6 months.

“Domestic manufacturers have sufficient production capacity to meet the annual needs of the Russian healthcare system: for example, Geropharm can produce more than a million packages of the drug RinFast Nick per year. All drugs with the INN insulin aspart, including those produced domestically, are widely available in Russian pharmacies: according to the CRPT, they can be purchased in almost 8,000 pharmacies in the country. Currently, according to the CRPT, on the territory of the Russian Federation there are residues of drugs with the INN insulin aspart with a total volume of more than 1 million packages,” the Ministry of Industry and Trade said in a statement.


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