Health Ministry lists drugs unsuitable for driving


The Ministry of Health, at the request of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy, and Veterans’ Affairs, has compiled a list of medications whose use is prohibited or discouraged when driving a car. The document, which presents three lists, was published by the head of the committee, Yaroslav Nilov.

The first column lists 171 over-the-counter drugs containing sedatives, psychotropics, narcotic analgesics or ethyl alcohol. Taking them should exclude driving. This list includes drugs with INN Corvalol and aspirin, sedatives Afobazol and glycine, as well as breast elixir, various alcohol tinctures and more.

The second column contains 39 positions, which include medications whose use causes side effects that lead to deterioration of attentiveness and, in general, the ability to drive a vehicle. This list includes antiepileptic drugs, antiallergy drops, sleeping pills and sedatives, including tropicamide, gabapentin, ipidacrine.

The third column contains 71 INN drugs that drivers should take special care when taking. It lists drugs that affect the digestive tract and metabolism, retinoids, drugs used for nicotine addiction, medications, drugs that affect hematopoiesis and blood, antispasmodics, and more.


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