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The Ministry of Education and Science has allocated more than 10 billion for the development of genetic technologies

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia has allocated grants for 19 research programs and the development of 15 topics of bioresource...

STADA announced the launch of a drug for the treatment of diabetes on the Russian market

STADA is going to launch a drug for the complex treatment of type 2 diabetes on the Russian market, which includes a combination of...

Preclinical studies of the COVID-19 vaccine in the form of a spray have shown its effectiveness

Preclinical studies of a vaccine against coronavirus in the form of a spray developed by scientists of the Smorodintsev Influenza Research Institute of the...

Remdeform was included in all COVID-19 treatment guidelines

Remdesivir (trade name Remdeform) was included in all inpatient treatment regiments in the 12th version of the temporary guidelines for the treatment of patients...



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