Putin instructed to verify the effectiveness of Russian vaccines against new COVID-19 strains


Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to verify the effectiveness of Russian new anti-COVID-19 strains. The corresponding order is published on the website of the head of state.

“To ensure the analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of domestic vaccines of the new coronavirus infection prevention against new strains of the virus causing this infection”, the report said.

If necessary, the Government should conduct additional vaccines research and amend their registration files.

The president is waiting for a report of the work done by March 15.

Also, the government, and the executive authorities, should organize mass population vaccination in Russia in order to prevent a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), ensure the approval of the vaccination plan and its organizational and methodological support by interested federal executive authorities, as well as additional funding if necessary.

Putin expects a report on the work done until February 20, 2021, then – monthly.

Russians can deliver two vaccines: Sputnik V, whose effectiveness is 91.6%, and Vector (the center reported its 100% effectiveness).