The government stated the number of anti-COVID-19 vaccines produced in Russia


More than 8.62 million doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccines have already been released in Russia, mainly Sputnik V and small parties of EpiVakKorona, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said at a briefing.

“According to the yesterday evening data (February 7th. – GxPnews), the cumulative total produced more than 8.62 million doses of full vaccines. This is mainly the Sputnik V vaccine and small volumes of the EpiVakKorona vaccine”, Golikova said.

According to her, 5.5 million doses of vaccines are available for the population, 5.3 million doses are provided to the subjects. Golikova noted that the difference between the volume of production and the number of vaccines delivered to the regions due to the control of the quality of medicines and the peculiarities of logistics to regions.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that the restrictions imposed due to coronavirus will apply until the Russians have herd immunity, it is necessary to vaccinate 68.8 million people, not counting those who have already had coronavirus.