The vaccine of the Chumakov center “KoviVak” launched into civil circulation


The third, all-virion Russian anti-COVID19 vaccine KoviVak of the Chumakov Center launched into civil circulation, Interfax reports. The head of the Ministry of Education and Science Valery Falkov on March 25 launched the production of the drug and personally launched the packaging of the first batch.

Over the next few days, the vaccine will arrive in the regions of the country, the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science told the agency.

The Chumakov Center started the third phase of post-registration trials of its vaccine.

“It has already started (phase III). We are already preparing documents, we are already preparing for the receipt of permits and then all the necessary tests, “said Falkov.

Aidar Ishmukhametov, CEO of Chumakov Center, said on March 24 that the third phase of tests with the participation of 3 thousand people would be completed within six months.

“The study will involve volunteers with comorbidities – oncological, autoimmune, with diabetes mellitus,” he said.

At the end of phase III, in the fall, it is planned to submit documents for the pre-qualification of the vaccine to WHO, necessary for assessing the quality, safety and effectiveness of drugs. So far, documents have been submitted for only one Russian coronavirus vaccine – Sputnik V of the Gamalei Center.


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