“Moscow Endocrine Plant” launched the production of eye drops “Phenylephrine”


The Moscow Endocrine Plant began production of Phenylefrin eye drops registered by the Russian Ministry of Health on April 9, 2021 (registration certificate No. LP-006921). This was reported by the press service of the enterprise.

The preparation “Phenylephrine,” eye drops 2.5% “(INN phenylephrine) refers to the pharmacotherapeutic group of α-adrenomimetics. When topically used in ophthalmology, it causes pupil dilation, improves the outflow of intraocular fluid and narrows the vessels of the conjunctiva. Phenylephrine has a pronounced stimulating effect on postsynaptic α-adrenoceptors, has a very weak effect on β-adrenoceptors of the heart.

Drops are used for iridocyclitis, diagnostic enlargement of the pupil, a provocative test in patients with a narrow angle of the anterior chamber of the eye and suspicion of closed-angle glaucoma, red eye syndrome and in other cases.

The drug has a vasoconstrictor effect similar to that of norepinephrine (noradrenaline), while it has practically no chronotropic and ionotropic effects on the heart. The vasopressor effect of phenylephrine is weaker than that of noradrenaline, but is longer. Causes vasoconstriction 30-90 seconds after instillation, duration – 2-6 hours. After instillation, phenylephrine contracts the pupil dilator and smooth arterioles of the conjunctiva, thereby causing the pupil to dilate. Midriasis occurs within 10-60 minutes after a single instillation of 2.5% phenylephrine solution and is preserved for 2 hours. The midriasis caused by phenylephrine is not accompanied by cycloplegia.

The introduction into civil circulation of the first commercial series of the drug “Phenylephrine, eye drops 2.5%,” produced by FSUE Moscow Endocrine Plant, is planned in May 2021.

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