RDIF asked Slovakia to return Sputnik V vaccine batch


The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) asked the Slovak government to return the Sputnik V vaccine batch due to violations of the terms of the contract, the fund said in a statement published on the official Twitter of the vaccine.

“The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) asked the Slovak government to send the vaccine to an EU certified laboratory for testing and sent a letter asking to return the vaccine batch due to numerous contract violations so that it could be used in other countries,” the statement said.

Vaccine developers said that, in violation of the existing contract, the Slovak State Institute of Drug Control conducted Sputnik V tests in a laboratory that is not part of the EU’s network of official drug control laboratories, despite the fact that such laboratories were available.

Earlier, Magdalena Yurkemikova, secretary of the State Institute of Drug Control, who acts as a pharmaceutical regulator in the republic, reported that the Russian coronavirus vaccine, the first batch of which arrived in Slovakia on March 1, does not correspond to the characteristics that were indicated in The Lancet magazine.


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