Scientists have started second stage of trials of anti-COVID MIR-19 vaccine


Russian scientists started second stage of clinical trials of the world’s first drug of coronavirus based on the mechanism of RNA interference, MIR-19 Izvestia reports with reference to the vaccine developer, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, CEO of the FSBI “GNC Institute of Immunology” FMBA Russia Musa Khaitova. According to him, registration can be received this year.

“Today, we received permission to conduct phase II clinical trials of the drug MIR-19 involving patients diagnosed with COVID-19. We are doing everything possible to ensure that the drug enters the market as soon as possible. I really hope that already this year, after the completion of phase II, we will be able to register it, “the specialist said.

The effectiveness of the drug was investigated in cell culture in vitro, Musa Khaitov said. According to him, when exposed of MIR-19 on coronavirus, in infected cells there were 10 thousand times fewer viruses than in untreated cells. A good result was also demonstrated in the model of infection of Syrian hamsters, the scientist said. Based on the results of phase I clinical studies, the safety of the drug was shown when used in healthy volunteers, Khaitov said.

It is contemplated that the preparation will be administered in inhalation form via a nebulizer. Khaitov explained that so the active substance will enter the cells of the respiratory tract, which are the main target of the virus.


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