The National Vaccination Calendar will expand in Russia


The national vaccination calendar of Russia will be expanded to the most complete list of vaccines against infections, TASS reports citing the government’s press service.

The Cabinet notes that the plan of measures approved by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to implement the Strategy for the Development of Immunoprophylaxis of Infectious Diseases until 2035 involves expanding the national calendar of preventive vaccinations and vaccinations according to epidemiological indicators.

“There will be included the most complete list of infectious diseases that are controlled by vaccines… In particular, the national calendar will replenish vaccines against chickenpox, rotavirus infection, meningococcal infection, human papillomavirus,” the report said.

In addition, “the issue of vaccinating adults against pneumococcal infection, as well as immunization against pertussis of adults and older children, will be worked out.” Also, according to the press service of the Cabinet, it is planned to develop vaccination programs for certain categories of citizens, including people with chronic diseases, pregnant women and the elderly.


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