WHO will inspect production of Sputnik V vaccine


World Health Organization delegates intend to conduct an inspection of the production of Sputnik V in May and June, the date of assessing the safety of the vaccine will be determined no earlier than July, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the WHO plan for assessing the safety of drugs against COVID-19.

A specific date for assessing the safety of the Russian vaccine by WHO experts will be determined after receiving all additional data and conducting all inspections. For other vaccines that have already received WHO permission for use in emergency situations, inspections at work were not carried out, the document says.

The Sputnik V vaccine has been approved in almost 60 countries with a total population of more than 1.5 billion people. In terms of the number of approvals received by state regulators, Sputnik V ranks second in the world. Vaccine efficacy at 91.6% is confirmed by the publication of data in the leading medical journal The Lancet.

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