“EpiVakKorona” will be registered in a new dosage form


In the next few weeks, HNC VB Vector may receive permits for a new dosage form of vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19. According to the CEO of the center, Rinat Maksyutov, EpiVakKorona is planned to be produced in pre-filled syringe doses. Reports FV on May 24.

“We expect that in mid-June we will be able to make changes to our registration certificate with the inclusion of an additional dosage form,” Maksyutov said as part of the XIII Annual All-Russian Congress on Infectious Diseases, the FV correspondent reports. According to him, documents for making changes were submitted to the Ministry of Health a week ago.

The immunobiological preparation in the new dosage form will be produced in addition to ampoules. Pre-filled syringes can be used in vaccination rooms where the full readiness of EpiVakKorona for administration is required, which will reduce and simplify the vaccination procedure itself.

Maksyutov also reported on the ongoing scaling of the production of EpiVakKorona. In May 2020, production capabilities made it possible to issue no more than 3 thousand doses of the vaccine per month, said the director of the Vektor State Research Center. In February-March 2021, 0.5 million doses of vaccine per month were already produced. In April, the production facilities of Vektor allowed to release more than 1 million doses of EpiVakKorona.