Putin announced upcoming launch of fourth coronavirus vaccine


In Russia, the fourth anti-COVID19 vaccine will soon enter civil circulation. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin at the ceremony of presenting credentials to foreign ambassadors. This was reported on the official website of the President of Russia.

“I emphasize that Russia is interested in cooperation with foreign partners in the fight against the global pandemic. We managed to quickly create three effective vaccines of our own for coronavirus infection. Soon the fourth will be put into circulation. Vaccination is gaining pace.

The epidemic has become a real test for such universal values ​ ​ as solidarity, mutual assistance, humanism. Our country is providing targeted assistance to more than sixty States on all continents. We share experience and help in establishing the production of domestic drugs at foreign enterprises. By the way, so far, except for Russia, no one is doing this. Together with other countries, we are engaged in overcoming the long-term economic and social consequences of the pandemic, “Putin said.

What drug is in question, the president did not specify.

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