Testing of an anti-cancer radiopharmaceutical begins in Russia


A clinical trial for radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of prostate cancer at an an advanced stage starts in the Russian Federation,  RIA Novosti reports with reference to Andrey Kaprin, the chief consultant oncologist of the Ministry of Health of the country, General Director of the National Medical Research Radiological Centre.

“We are starting to test Lutetium-177, and everything is going as planned. The state assignment was received for the first time. Next, we will work with actinium,” Kaprin said during a briefing.

According to him, prostate cancer progresses rapidly and gives rise to metastases. Lutetium-177, which is based on actinium, will affect liver metastases and peritoneal metastases.

The chief consultant oncologist of the Federal Ministry of Health added that radiopharmaceuticals are the medicines of the future. The countries that are developing them expect to receive multibillion-dollar revenue. Russia, as Andrey Kaprin stressed, is diligently creating its own drugs.