Bankruptcy administration is introduced at the Pharmaceutical Plant named after Academician Filatov


The initiator of the bankruptcy of the Plant named after Academician V. P. Filatov was UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2010, the bank issued a loan for the construction of a drug production in the Leningrad region (the complex includes a land plot of 4 hectares and several buildings). The legal successor of the transaction was the insurer, Czech Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation (EGAP). The borrowers were the Filatov plant and the co-owner of the enterprise, RIA Panda. This is reported on portal.

In January 2021, the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region introduced a monitoring procedure at the plant. According to the case materials, the amount of the plaintiff’s claims that the court approved was 633.2 million rubles.

The Academician Filatov Plant belongs to Igor Vorobyov and his wife Svetlana Zhukova. They directly control 52% of the shares (26% each), and Igor Vorobey controls the remaining 48% through OOO “RIA Panda,” 100% owned by the entrepreneur.

In August of this year, the meeting of creditors of the Filatov plant decided to introduce bankruptcy administration at the enterprise. The former court-appointed receiver, Alexander Shelukha, was left at the company as the bankruptcy administrator. On September 7, the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region approved this decision of the creditors ‘ meeting.


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