Moscow handed over 7.5 tons of plasma donated by patients who had coronavirus to Natsimbio


Moscow is actively participating in the trials of an anti-covid immunoglobulin, which was developed by Natsimbio immunobiological company:  the capital has transferred 7.5 tons of plasma from patients with coronavirus infection for research. This is reported by TASS with reference to Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of the capital in charge of social development.

“The new drug, which is a specific anti-COVID-19 immunoglobulin, is based not just on the plasma of those who have had COVID-19, but on a specific immunoglobulin extracted from it. This drug is supplied and is used in the treatment of the disease. Unlike plasma, it is safer and easier to administer. To date, the third phase of testing of this drug has begun,” Moscow’s Deputy Mayor said.

According to her, Moscow transferred 7.5 tons of plasma from people who have had COVID-19 to Natsibio, and the city then received 900 vials of immunoglobulin. It is actively used, and specialists observe the results in coronavirus hospitals.

As Anastasia Rakova noted, more than 17,000 Muscovites received treatment with the use of blood plasma of those who had a coronavirus infection.

COVID Globulin is a medication based on blood plasma of people already cured from coronavirus and thus containing specific antibodies. It was registered by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in early April 2021. It has a neutralizing effect on the virus and helps the body overcome the disease.

In September, Moscow blood collection stations started receiving plasma from donors revaccinated with Sputnik Light.


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