The Audit Chamber found an overpricing in contracts for the supply of medicines to the FMBA


The Audit Chamber has published an opinion on the results of the audit of the execution of the federal budget for 2020 by the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA). The report received by the editorial office says that violations in determining the initial price led to inefficient spending of federal budget funds. This is reported by Farmatsevticheskiy Vestnik.

When purchasing Kalidavir (INN ritonavir+lopinavir) from the only supplier, OOO Primafarm, the FMBA included a wholesale surcharge in the calculation of the contract price. Thus, it violated paragraphs 4 and 10 of the Procedure for determining the initial (maximum) contract price, approved by Order of the Ministry of Health No. 1064n of 19.12.2019, which establishes the procedure based on the tariff method for determining the contract price for the purchase of medicines included in the list of vital and essential medicines.

The FMBA concluded the state contract in April 2020. The agency purchased 10,000 packages of Kalidavir produced by Pharmasintez at a price of 3,500 rubles per package (with 10% VAT) for a total amount of 35 million rubles.

However, in the State Register of Medicines (GRLS), the maximum selling price (without VAT) for the drug is set at 2,922 thousand rubles per package (or 3,214 rubles with 10% VAT). As a result, when purchasing Kalidavir, based on the provisions of paragraphs 4 and 10 of the Procedure for determining the initial (maximum) contract price, the total amount of the contract would be 32.14 million rubles, which is 2.86 million rubles less than the purchase made, or 8.2% of the total amount of the concluded contract. “This violation led to inefficient spending of federal budget funds,” the auditors’ conclusion says.

Also in April 2020, the FMBA signed a state contract with OAO Sintez for the supply of 396 packages of Hydroxychloroquine. Under the terms of the contract, the price is 682 rubles per package (with 10% VAT), and the total amount is 270,100 rubles.

At the same time, at the time of signing the contract,  the minimum price in the GRLS for INN hydroxychloroquine was 393.77 rubles per package (or 433.15 rubles per package with VAT of 10%). Thus, the contract is overpriced by 98,600 rubles, or by 36.5%.

In total, in 2020, the FMBA of Russia conducted 120 competitive procedures. The amount of contracts was 1.8 billion rubles, which is 29.8 million rubles less than the initial contract price. That is, the budget savings amounted to 1.6%.