The head of the Circle of Kindness Foundation urges to speed up the development of medicines for children with serious diseases


Aleksandr Tkachenko, Chairman of the Board of the Circle of Kindness Foundation, said that it is very important that Russia develops its own drugs for the treatment of children with severe chronic diseases, including rare ones.

At BIOCAD, Tkachenko was told about the preparation of clinical trials of ANB-4, a domestically developed drug for gene therapy of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Its mechanism of action makes it possible to get a significant result after a single dose, as in the case of the Swiss drug Zolgensma.

According to the head of the Circle of Kindness, today the Foundation has provided the necessary treatment for 1,345 children for the total amount of about 25 billion rubles.

“I think it is crucial that Russian manufacturers that have excellent research potential and sufficient production capacity offer their solutions for the treatment of severe and rare diseases. If Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers direct their efforts to develop medicines for seriously ill children, I am confident that this will ensure consistent treatment of children regardless of the decisions of foreign suppliers; even more children will be provided with high-quality medicines. Now both the country’s security in the field of national health and the lives of thousands of children depend on the success of our pharmaceutical industry,” Alexander Tkachenko said.

Earlier, it became known that the Circle of Kindness Foundation now has an information hotline.


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