The R-Pharm plant in Azerbaijan will start producing medicines in 2021


The R-Pharm MMC plant is the production complex of the R-Pharm Group of companies in Azerbaijan, which is planned to start producing its first batches of medicines in 2021. This was reported in the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in Azerbaijan.

Now the licensing procedure has been completed, qualification procedures are underway at the production facilities and in the laboratories, and technology transfer takes place. The design capacity of the plant is 250 million packages annually. Thanks to modern production, it will be possible to produce medicines at five independent sites and conduct the entire range of laboratory tests.

The R-Pharm MMC plant in Baku has all the capacity to organize primary and secondary packaging of medicines. In the second quarter of this year, R-Pharm Group and Servier Pharmaceutical Group announced the localization of drugs for the treatment of socially significant diseases in Azerbaijan. An agreement was signed, which involves the localization of the secondary packaging stage of Diabeton, a drug for the prevention of complications of diabetes, at the facilities of R-Pharm MMC plant, as well as the commercialization of this product in the country. Under the terms of the five-year contract, the plant will produce up to one million packages of the drug per year.

Natalia Badanina, General Director of the R-Pharm MMC plant, said that the company has the opportunity to provide comprehensive support to Russian pharmaceutical companies interested in localizing production in the Republic of Azerbaijan, from the registration of new pharmaceutical products to warehouse and logistics services.

According to Ruslan Mirsayapov, Russia’s trade representative in Azerbaijan, Russian companies should make the most of the production facilities created by R-Pharm Group of Companies. The Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in Azerbaijan is ready to assist Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers in establishing cooperation with the R-Pharm MMC plant in Baku.

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