Vladimir Putin congratulated R-Pharm on its 20th anniversary


On September 26, 2021, the R-Pharm Group of Companies celebrates its 20th anniversary. Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Alexey Repik, the founder of the company, and the employees of R-Pharm on the anniversary.

“Dear friends,

I congratulate you on the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of R-Pharm joint-stock company. The past years have become a time of dynamic growth and impressive achievements for your company. Thanks to the professionalism of the employees and competent management decisions, it has accumulated impressive practical experience, strengthened the research and expert potential and rightfully became one of the recognized leaders of the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

It is important that you base your work on such fundamental principles as social responsibility and integrity, the active use of the most recent knowledge and technologies. Your company, which specializes in the development of clinical research and production of a wide range of medicines, and ensures their accessibility for patients, effectively responds to global challenges, and, therefore, makes a serious contribution to the development of medical science and healthcare, opens up new horizons for international cooperation in these vital areas  and, of course, I must note that that the company proritizes the implementation of large-scale educational career guidance programs and training of young qualified specialists.

I know that you have new projects and tasks ahead of you. I sincerely wish that your plans are implemented. We wish you success and all the best!

Vladimir Putin”

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