Valenta Pharm announced the launch of its Early Access Program for the use of Kinesia®


AO Valenta Pharm pharmaceutical company is ready to provide a two-week course to all patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) who have indications for Kinesia® (Fampridine) and have a prescription for it issued by their doctor. This was reported by the press service of the company.

The program will make walking disorders therapy available to even more MS patients; it will improve their activity and overall quality of life.

This spring, a domestically produced drug, Kinesia®, appeared in Russian pharmacies, becoming the country’s first drug for the treatment of walking disorders in patients with multiple sclerosis. For more than eight years, AO Valenta Pharm has been developing a product unique to the Russian Federation that will allow MS patients to improve or regain mobility. As clinical trials have shown, Kinesia® increases walking speed and muscle strength in the legs, and also improves cognitive function and quality of life. The drug also has a favorable safety profile.

To increase the availability of mobility restriction therapy for MS patients, AO Valenta Pharm, together with its partners: AO “Agentstvo Meditsinskikh Tekhnologii” and Protek launched the Early Access Program project for the use of Kinesia®. Through this program, multiple sclerosis patients who have been prescribed Kinesia® can buy it at the highest possible discount. The first pack of the drug will cost 400 rubles.

If patients respond positively to the therapy, they can purchase a second and subsequent packs of the drug at a discount of up to 30%.

To access the Early Access Program, the patient and his or her treating physician have to be registered at the Aim2me platform ( for the physician and for the patient).

For more information about the Early Access Program and participation options, please contact Valenta Pharma at +7 (495) 933-60-80 or email: