More than a billion rubles were allocated for the modernization of the Tyumen Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant


Enterprises of the Tyumen Region participate in a large-scale import substitution program. More than a billion rubles was allocated to modernize the chemical and pharmaceutical plant in Tyumen, the Tyumen News Service reports.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the output of the plant has increased by 20%, and it continues to grow. For instance, the production of paracetamol has tripled. The production of painkillers, cardiovascular drugs, antibiotics, and pancreatin had also gone up. Pancreatin accounts for half of the company’s turnover. “Such a response to competition on behalf of foreign drug manufacturers should bring the company 700 million rubles by the end of the year,” the publication writes.

“The quality of our products is definitely not inferior to that of competitors. We mainly work with generics. These are drugs that were developed in other countries. And we reproduce them quite close to the original,” commented Tatiana Pyatina, head of the Production and Technical Department of the Tyumen Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant.

The company uses imported raw materials, most of them from China and India.

“American, French and German companies also purchase their source materials from the same Chinese manufacturers. This is international practice. In principle, this is due to the fact that chemical synthesis of raw materials creates a rather harmful environmental impact,” said Alexey Kuznetsov, General Director of the plant.

According to Nikolay Purtov, General Director of the Tyumen Region Investment Agency Foundation, the project cost is estimated at more than a billion rubles. The investment agency provides assistance to this project and to the management team. It is expected that in a year the production will become fully automated.