The Gamaleya Center starts clinical trials of a drug based on monoclonal antibodies


The Gamaleya Center begins clinical trials of a monoclonal antibodies therapy against coronavirus. According to TASS, it is planned that the tests will take up to four months.

“Now we are starting clinical trials. We have to go through the first and second phases, which will take about three and a half to four months. I hope we will see the launch of the therapy in late spring. But the fact that the drug is effective can already be predicted based on the success of its Western analogues,” said Aleksander Ginzburg, director of the center.

As Dmitry Shcheblyakov, a leading employee of the Gamaleya Center, one of the developers of Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19, said earlier, the drug against coronavirus based on monoclonal antibodies showed high potential at the preclinical trials stage.

As it became known earlier, the Gamaleya Center filed documents to patent the formula of its coronavirus therapy substance.