The Circle of Kindness asked suppliers to keep the prices for medicines for children at the same level


The Expert Council of the Circle of Kindness Foundation decided to immediately organize the purchase of medicines for children for the period until the second quarter of 2023 inclusive. According to the official website of the Foundation, this decision creates a possibility for urgent negotiations with pharmaceutical companies and prompt conclusion of contracts without additional approvals.

A letter signed by Alexander Tkachenko, the Chairman of the Board of the Circle of Kindness, was sent to the leading participants of the pharmaceutical market.

“In the current economic situation, seriously ill children are one of the most vulnerable categories, and continuity of therapy and the stability of medicines supply is, without exaggeration, a matter of life and death. The Foundation, together with representatives of the Russian pharmaceutical market, is developing measures to stabilize the situation with the supply of medicines for seriously ill children. The Circle of Kindness holds consultations with all participants of the pharmaceutical market. Among other things, negotiations are underway with drug suppliers on the possibility of quick conclusion of long-term supply contracts to provide children with medicines until the middle of next year. We understand that the situation on the market in challenging,  but we ask you to act in a socially responsible manner and take into account how important this issue is and how concerned the families of seriously ill children now are,” the letter says.

The Circle of Kindness earlier stated that it did not have any problems with foreign suppliers of medicines.