99% of the Circle of Kindness Foundation’s foreign suppliers have kept their prices the same after the introduction of sanctions


About 99% of foreign suppliers of medicines for children with orphan diseases have kept the prices of drugs the same amid the sanctions imposed by some states against the Russian Federation. The prices for some of the medicines have gone down. This was announced on Thursday, April 14, during a press conference held by Aleksander Tkachenko, the Circle of Kindness Foundation’s Chairman of the Board.

“We have revised the terms of all contracts for all medicines: for 99%, that is, for almost all of them, our suppliers have kept the same terms or renewed contracts with the same prices. Moreover, the price for some medicines, those for which it is fixed in foreign currency, has even gone down due to the decreased exchange rate,” TASS quotes Tkachenko as saying.

According to him, the main condition for concluding a contract is that a supplier has to offer the lowest price in the world. As a result of negotiations, by the end of 2021 the prices for the drugs went down by 23% on average, and up to 60% for some positions. According to preliminary results, due to the reduction in drug prices last year, the Foundation saved about ten billion rubles. All these funds will be directed to the provision of medicines for children.

The Circle of Kindness previously asked suppliers to keep the prices for medicines for children at the same level.

In March, Mikhail Murashko, the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, announced the creation of an annual stock of drugs that the Circle of Kindness Foundation is to provide to seriously ill children.