The Ministry of Health of Russia has registered a domestically produced analogue of L-thyroxine


The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has registered the domestic vital drug “L-Thyroxine Renewal” (INN Levothyroxine Sodium) produced by the Russian pharmaceutical company PFK “Obnovleniie” in two dosage forms: 50 mcg and 100 mcg. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Health.

“Now the company can produce the necessary quantities of this essential drug for the treatment of thyroid diseases, effective in combating severe endocrine disorders. According to the manufacturer, its capacities make it possible to produce up to 500,000 packages of L-thyroxine per month at the initial stage, and subsequently up to 1 million packages per month,” the message says.

It is planned to launch production within a month.

Novosibirsk pharmaceutical company Renewal (PFK “Obnovleniie”) plans to start producing the drug “L-thyroxine Renewal” in mid-April. The production of the drug, which is intended for the treatment of thyroid hormone deficiency, will amount to up to 200,000 packages per month. This was earlier announced by Vladimir Grechkin, the company’s executive director.

Mikhail Murashko, the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, reported on the facts of the absence of certain medicines in the country, in particular, Levothyroxine, which is used for thyroid disease. In the first week of March, its sales increased tenfold, and in the second, five times. Patients taking these drugs stocked on them in large quantities. Over the past month, the sales of L-thyroxine and Euthyrox in Russia were five times higher than for the same period a year ago.