Pharmasynthez will start Mirobivir production before mid-May


The production of Mirobivir, a coronavirus therapy developed by Pharmasynthez, is scheduled for the first half of May 2022.

“The start of production, which will take place at the Pharmasynthez plant in Irkutsk, is scheduled for the early to mid-May,” the company’s press service told TASS.

The drug is to enter civil circulation in mid-June this year. As Pharmasynthez’s representatives specified, there are no plans to export Mirobivir.

On May 4, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation registered Mirobivir, Pharmasynthez’s therapy for the novel coronavirus based on a combination of Nirmatrelvir and Ritonavir. This is an analogue of Pfizer’s oral drug Paxlovid.

Mirobivir is intended for the treatment of a new coronavirus infection of mild or moderate severity in adults, including those with an increased risk of progression to severe disease, who do not require oxygen therapy.

“Nirmatrelvir blocks the formation of an enzyme necessary for the virus to replicate (reproduce), therefore, when using the drug, the the virus reproduction inside body cells stops. Ritonavir, being a powerful inhibitor of metabolism, provides the necessary concentration of Nirmatrelvir in the body, increasing the effectiveness of therapy,” the company’s press service explained.