Production of Enoxaparin sodium, a pharmaceutical substance, can be launched in Stary Oskol


Andrey Chesnokov, the head of the administration of the Starooskolsky municipal district, held a working meeting with the management of OOO Amegen and representatives of resource-supplying organizations on the implementation of the investment project called “Production of Enoxaparin sodium (pharmaceutical substance)”. This was reported in the press service of Stary Oskol administration.

“The substance is used as the basis for the production of anticoagulants used for cardiovascular diseases. It is important to note that the project is import-substituting. During the meeting, the participants also discussed the roadmap of the project and some technical issues,” the message reads.

Earlier, it became known that Amegen plans to raise 100 million rubles to organize the first high-tech import-substituting production of Enoxaparin sodium pharmaceutical substance for the production of therapies for cardiovascular diseases in Russia.

Altai State University researchers are developing a pharmaceutical substance for lung diseases therapy.