The Cabinet of Ministers lifted the ban on the export of some medical products from the country


The government has amended the lists of medical devices and consumables for pharmaceutical production, for which a temporary ban and an authorization-based procedure for export outside Russia was introduced in early March. The corresponding resolution No. 850 dated 11.05.2022 is published at

The document amends Resolutions No. 311 and No. 312.

“Upon the analysis of the condition of the relevant commodity markets, as well as consultations held with business representatives, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has decided to significantly reduce the list of goods for which, in accordance with Resolutions No. 311 and 312, are subject to a ban and an authorization-based procedure for export outside the Russian Federation,” the Ministry of Industry and Trade stated in its message.

Products that have been excluded from the scope of the Regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 311 include “Dental wax,” or compositions for dental casts (3407 00 000 0); disinfectants (380894); pacifiers (nipples) and hygienic or pharmaceutical products made of vulcanized rubber (4014);  insulin vials rubber stoppers (4016999701); compression hosiery (6115101009) , 6115109000); compression sleeves for patients with lymphovenous insufficiency (6117801001);  glass ampoules and other packaging for medicines and laboratory tests (7010100000, 7010907100, 7010907900, 7017); glasses and frames (9003, 9004); other plastic products and optical devices.

Items removed from the list of products with an authorization-based export procedure include laboratory utensils (7017); glasses and frames (9003, 9004); scintigraphic and electromedical devices (9018); equipment based on the use of X-ray, alpha-, beta-, gamma- or other ionizing radiation (9022).