Biocad has patented a PCR test for detecting lung cancer


Employees of Russia’s Biocad have patented a test system that helps identify mutations in the EGFR gene, TASS reports with reference to the Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO).

“Biocad’s researchers have patented the latest test system that can detect in the EGFR gene mutations or deletions, or a loss of a section of the gene, signaling the probable development of a certain type of NSCLC. The system allows not only to detect cancer at an early stage, but also to predict its possible development into a particular subtype. Accordingly, the doctor can choose a personalized (customized for the patient) treatment program in order to achieve maximum effect and significantly reduce the likelihood of a relapse,” the EAPO said.

The patent organization noted that using this method at the intersection of biotechnology, molecular biology and medicine, it is possible to formulate an effective therapy for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). According to the EAPO, the Biocad’s patent has become the 18,000th valid Eurasian patent.

About 2 million lung cancer patients are diagnosed annually in the world.  85% of all cases occur in NSCLC.