Logisticians offer resources to producers for the storage of stocks


NC Logistic has completed the validation and qualification of a 2500-pallet cold storage chamber with a temperature regime of +2…+8 °C. The chamber has been put into operation and is intended for medicines and vaccines storage.

Garold Vlasov believes that the launch of the chamber will create additional reserves for building up stocks of immunobiological drugs and vaccines, which are so crucial for the country today.

«The new cold storage chamber will attract primarily Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers», Garold Vlasov explained. «In my opinion, import substitution will provide a powerful impetus for the growth of domestic production. I predict an increase in the need for additional storage areas for the storage of finished pharmaceutical products. In this regard, we propose to use NC Logistic’s resources to store thermolabile products in +2 …+8°C temperature range without long-term investments», he added.

According to the company, the new refrigerated store has all the necessary infrastructure facilities for stable and continuous operation. According to Stanislav Smirnov, Head of the NC Logistic Quality Department, the chamber has successfully passed all the validation stages, including stress tests, thermal mapping, and the climate monitoring system validation. High throughput is provided by a temperature gateway which includes 6 dock gates.

The equipment complies with the GDP standards. Proper quality is ensured by the cold chain system. The cold storage chamber meets all sanitary and epidemiological rules and guarantees the safety and quality of thermolabile medicines and vaccines.

NC Logistic is known to have been engaged in intense work with immunobiological drugs and vaccines for more than 6 years, including within the framework of the National Calendar of Preventive Vaccinations. Participation in State contracts is strictly regulated by tight deadlines and special rules for compliance with the cold chain requirements. The logistics operator has built effective processes for guaranteed prompt and safe preparation of goods for subsequent shipment to Russia’s regions.