Globus invested 100 million rubles in the production of airway circuits in Moscow


Globus has localized the production of respiratory circuits for artificial lung ventilation, and respiratory and oxygen therapy devices, at its factory in Moscow, under Aertonika brand. These products are analogous to imported goods and meet the requirements of Russian and international standards such as ISO 5356-1 (GOST 31518.1) and ISO 5367.

Aertonika brand also includes moisture collectors that collect excess moisture from the exhaled air, preventing its re-entry into the human lungs; anesthetic masks that direct anesthetics and gases into the patient’s respiratory tract without loss and overconsumption,  as well as ergonomic connectors, adapters and couplers that enable medical personnel to work faster.

The production capacity at the first stage will be 400,000 units per year, and the volume of investments in the project is estimated at 100 million rubles, VM reports. To organize the production, Globus used the competencies of Hsiner Co. Ltd., as Globus is the holder of the registration certificate of the company’s products in Russia. The Taiwanese partner will supply components for respiratory circuits that have not yet been localized.

The company estimates the volume of the Russian market at 2-4 million units per year; foreign suppliers, including Coviden and Drager, account for 80-90% of this market. Globus expects to sell about 50% on tender procedures for the needs of the state, and a quarter is planned to be shipped through direct sales. The rest is to be sold through OEM and distributor channels.

According to SPARK-Interfax, OOO Globus is 50% owned by Vladimir Kostitsyn, co-owner of Delete laser cosmetology clinics, another 20% belongs to Dmitry Zakharchenko, owner of Yumetex, a company that distributes equipment for functional and radiation diagnostics and cosmetology. Another 20% stake in the company belongs to Aleksandr Khvorostyanov, and 10% interest to Maxim Voronkin, according to the newspaper. The company’s financial indicators are not disclosed.