Data from labeling systems to be used in expert examination of medicines


The Ministry of Health of Russia will use the data of Chestny Znak, the National System of Digital Labeling, for registration and expert examination of medicines conducted by the Research Center for the Expert Examination of Medical Devices of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (NTsESMP), TASS reports with reference to the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (TsRPT).

“Sergey Glagolev, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health of Russia, sent a letter to the operator of the labeling system – the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies – with a request to provide the Research Center with access to the data of the labeling system in the status of “controlling authority”. This status gives access to complete information about the movement of any medicines; similar rights are granted to representatives of control and supervisory authorities,” the report says. It is noted that the TsRPT confirmed the receipt of the letter and stated that the research center was granted the requested access rights.

Alla Trapkova, Deputy Director General of NTsESMP, explained that the conclusions of the research center are received by the Roszdravnadzor system and used in making decisions on issuing permits for the introduction of a drug into civil circulation. She noted that the control of the removal of the samples received by the Center from the labeling system is necessary to assess the number of drugs that are offered for sale.

The use of labeling data at the stage of drug examination will make it possible to chisel away at any attempts to introduce illegal drugs into circulation, Egor Zhavoronkov, head of the Pharma commodity group of TsRPT, said.