Delivery Club and Magnit announced the launch of pickup sales from the chain’s pharmacies


For the first time, Magnit Apteka launched its products on the platform offering ready-to-eat foods, groceries, and consumer goods delivery service. The booking service in the Delivery Club app, where users make an online order and then pick up their purchase at a physical outlet, is now available in 45 regions. It is planned that in September the service will be available in all pharmacies of the retail chain in 58 regions, which is more than 800 outlets. This is reported on Delivery Club’s official website.

The available assortment includes about 13,000 items: prescription drugs, parapharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, personal hygiene products, baby foods, medical products, seasonal items, beauty and health products, etc.

To place an order, a customer chooses a convenient pharmacy in the Delivery Club app, adds products to the cart and clicks the Pickup button. A product one books may be kept for three days, and you can pick it up as early as in 30 minutes. Customers pay at the pharmacy upon receiving their order.

“In May this year, we launched pickup from pharmacies. This functionality allowed us to offer a wider range of products that our users can order, including prescription drugs that are not available for delivery. Thanks to cooperation with Magnit Apteka, we have increased the coverage of pickup and given Delivery Club customers an even greater choice of pharmacy products,” commented Dmitry Benzoruk, delivery director at Delivery Club.

Delivery Club previously announced the launch of a 30-minute drug delivery at night.