Russia’s medicinal sovereignty was estimated at 200 billion rubles


By 2030, Russia can achieve drug sovereignty, which means that drugs produced in the country will account for 85% of the market in packages, as well as export from Russia of at least 50 of its original medicines. This will require at least 200 billion rubles, according to RBC.

The corresponding materials are provided in the concept of support for the pharmaceutical industry, which was developed by experts of one of the working groups under the Ministry of Education and Science.

According to the concept, now the share of foreign drug manufacturers in the Russian market in monetary terms is 55% of the total market volume of 2.3 trillion rubles, or 33% of 6.5 billion packages in natural units.

The document states that drug sovereignty is expected by 2030, when medicines and diagnostic systems produced in the country are going to acount for 75% of the market in monetary terms and 85% in natural units.

Now Russian original drugs account for 11% in rubles and 5% in packages. By 2030, it is planned to increase these shares to 35% and 15%, respectively.

In addition, as follows from the concept, only 20% of medicines made in Russia are produced of local APIs. It is planned to increase this value to 75%.


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