Mass media: Biocad has stopped producing a drug for hemophilia included in 14 VZN program


Biocad no longer produces octocog alpha (Advate), a hemophilia drug which was procured under 14 Cost-Intensive Nosologies program (VZN), Vademecum reports with reference to the updated instructions for the drug.

“Biocad localized Takeda’s drug to the stage of ready-made dosage form, and now it is fully manufactured in Europe. Oсtoсog alfa was the only foreign drug localized by Biocad. The specialized institution of the Ministry of Health procured Advate under the state program for 5.9 billion rubles for the budget of 2022–2023,” the publication writes.

Octocog alfa is procured for patients with hemophilia under 14 VZN program. 2 billion rubles were spent on the drug, from the budget of the state program for 2022, and 3.9 billion rubles for 2023. Advate has no analogues on the Russian market. Pharmstandart remains the supplier of octocog alfa.

Biocad and Takeda did not answer to the publication’s question on Tuesday, November 22, concerning the reasons for the changes in the registration certificate.