More than 150,000 packages of dietary supplements have been labeled in the Novosibirsk region as part of an experiment


The Novosibirsk region conducted some experiments on food supplements labeling, applying digital codes to 153,100 packages of dietary supplements. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship Development of the region.

The region has 33 companies that produce food supplements. Large enterprises of the region have already signed contracts for cooperation with integrators and for the supply of labeling equipment.

“Experiments on applying digital codes to packages of dietary supplements have been successfully completed at five enterprises. A batch of Nephrotin, a food supplement in capsules, was marked on the production site of Naturopharm. Vector-BiAlgam manufacturer applied DataMatrix codes to Ecoflor, a dietary supplement in powder form. At the site of Rost, the test labelling was applied on Fish Oil Sea Omega-3 products,” the report says.

Kompas Zdoroviia also completed its participation in the experiment. During testing, labeling codes were applied to linseed oil in glass bottles and “Magnesium Chelate complex + B6 baby,” a food supplement in a cardboard box . Pharm-Pro enterprise, with the help of the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies, launched an industrial line which was used to label 150,000 consumer packages of “Russian S” hematogen.

The experiment on labeling and tracing food supplements began on May 1, 2021, and will last until February 28, 2023, the press service noted. The participants are 3328 companies involved in the circulation of the products of the group; they prepare and test technical solutions.